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WTC Chandigarh

WTC Chandigarh or World Trade Center Chandigarh is another project of WTCA in association with Viridian Red a real estate huge Indian Organization. WTCA is well known for its enduring structures and innovative developments. They are involved in the development of more than 300 excellent business towers. WTC Chandigarh is another project under construction, which will offer quality business spaces for many of the IT & ITES organizations. Establishment of this mega city will give an opportunity to many MNC, SME, BPO, KPO, ITES & IT Companies to establish their emperor over there. The functions and facilities they are providing in WTC Chandigarh commercial project will make it more vulnerable and perfect example of success. This will be a great opportunity for many MNC's and SME's who are looking forward at global level opportunity. Those business experts who are interested for expanding their business in Chandigarh would prefer to have business space at this location. As it is an international association, it so it's share of benefits and profits will also become a part organizations that will soon become a part of WTC Chandigarh project. So get ready to acknowledge and examine this innovative alluring setup.

World Trade Center Chandigarh is the one most prestigious project soon going too introduced at Chandigarh's prime location. WTC is a leading organization who works for the development of various small medium and multinational organizations at global level they make sure that the any of their action is not affecting the environment badly. WTC Chandigarh will include the following highlights in its project , entertainment zone, cafeteria, hotels & restaurants, gaming and other related spaces moreover there will be proper availability of lockable, non lockable and temporary spaces as per the requirement of the client. In addition to all this and considering the fact that this mega city will be one of the major hub for many organizations so security should be highly maintained.  For controlling security issues tower will have High tech security system and CCTV surveillance.  Avoiding any emergency, almost all major precautions have taken like emergency exits and fire extinguisher precaution etc. They give focus to develop healthy green environment. India is improving its economical state with every passing year so establishment of such commercial project like WTC Chandigarh will possibly enhance the growth of trading business market at international level. Chandigarh city is always praised for its planned and cleanest urban group. City development looks like mastermind headway and is always at the top priority of many businesspersons. World trade Center aims at offering excellent infrastructure, designing and development. World Trade Center Chandigarh commercial project will act as a global giant for many regional communities. This will be one of the best places for establishing business, as it will bring many opportunities. WTCA is planning to establish 26 WTC towers in India and out of 26 WTC projects; Viridian Red alone is responsible for 13projects development.  This project will give thousands of opportunities and way to lead many business groups and organization at international level

WTCA has completed its 25 years of success and many more to come; the very first project of World Trade Center Association launched in New York City and was establish in year 1970. Since then WTCA had achieved a remarkable success in the world of Real Estate. World Trade Center Association has legal right to give WTC or World Trade Center license to development and other infrastructure community businesses worldwide. The World Trade Center Association gives focus on the development of businesses as well as countries at economical and commercial level also it will develops the connectivity at global level. The Organization aim is to provide excellent facilities so that traders can expand their businesses successfully. VIRIDIAN RED is a leading name in real estate world who give deep focus on the development of sustainable spaces for living and working. They are the one who have done many commercial and residential projects and this time they are exposing their out of box thinking in their commercial project i.e. WTC Chandigarh. Because of its working environment and commitment factor, VIRIDIAN Red becomes the first and foremost choice of WTCA organization.